Metal Detecting the Farm

For the past few months I have been using a metal detector to search around the old farm that I grew up on. At first it was exciting to pull an old nail. This became the norm because an old farm is filled with old nails!

I continue to go over the property and pull a mix of coins and old metal from the ground. One thing to keep in mind is that even if you are detecting an old property that property may have been rebuilt. Old dirt may have been brought in so that grass could be sewn.

These are the spots I have discovered.

1. Clothesline

Sometimes we forget to take coins out of our pocket before they go to the wash. In this case they remain in the pockets but are blown from the clothes by the wind while drying on the clothesline.

2. Grain bins

While a fairly new farming innovation you can still find 1940's coins near grain bins. Typically a farmer will have a tractor attached to an auger that takes the grain from the wagons or semi-trailers. The auger is powered by the PTO on a tractor. Old tractors tend to be very noisy. You may be able to see a depression in the ground where the end of the auger was laid. The farmer will do many loads a day during harvest and will climb into and out of the tractor. If coins slip out of his pocket he likely won't hear them hit the ground and they will be lost forever -- or until you come along!